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provides modern, professional marketing communication with a focus on public relations.


enhances the awareness and demand for brands and products of the luxury segment among the adequate target groups. Through contemporary and innovative strategic approaches as well as individual methodical concepts, generates a maximum return on investment for its clients. The bidirectional dialogue with target groups – especially the media – guarantees long-term results.

POOL [puːl] n. (CH) the ~, 1. Exclusive platform for brands of the premium- and luxury segment for their precise communication with target groups. 2. (Reservoir of) experience and expertise in progressive marketing communications for companies. 3. Fund of contents and research capacity for the media.


specializes in bespoke communications solutions for the premium and luxury segment. Our qualified and experienced experts will define and execute – in close collaboration with you – the best suitable strategy in order to attain your objectives.

Public Relations

Media Relations
Modern Public Relations are defined through a fast, proactive and reliable service for journalists and editorial offices as a precondition for a strong media presence. We support editorial media work in your name and to your benefit.
Blogs and Social Media
Blogs and Social Media have become important stakeholders in the process of media digitalization. We keep you up-to-date and on the agenda.
Media Events
The personal contact matters. We organize and guide you through your interview, your press conference, your product presentation, and press trip.
Media Training
An authentic appeal and precise argumentation constitute a convincing appearance. We strengthen your media competence, arrange your personal encounter with leading journalists and prepare you.

Personal Relations

Social Lobbying
Nothing is more convincing than a personal recommendation. We connect you with important opinion leaders and place your topics on the local agenda.
Local Brand Ambassadors
Together with you, we evaluate the ideal strategy with one or more brand ambassadors, targeting either public recognition or a socially viral functionality. Within this process we act independently and only to your benefit.
Social Events
The direct contact to the consumer. We arrange and conduct the staging of your brand and its universe. From an intimate, exclusive encounter with a chosen few to a glamourous appearance with 500 guests. We take care of the details, guest management included.


provides professional and performance-oriented communications services. Our objective is the ideal conjunction of our clients with their target groups, in order to create and maintain a satisfying exchange for both sides. Our experienced team relies on profound academic research and education, as well as many years of professional experience with the luxury industry’s leading institutions, among them the likes of LVMH, Richemont, and L’Oréal.